Sneak peek: What to expect when OSIRIS-REx delivers asteroid sample to Earth

Sept. 12, 2023

Members of NASA's University of Arizona-led OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission gathered in Utah's West Desert Aug. 29 and 30 to participate in final preparations for the arrival of a sample from asteroid Bennu, which will be delivered to Earth on Sept. 24.

In the above video, principal investigator and UArizona Regents Professor of Planetary Sciences Dante Lauretta and co-investigator and UArizona senior systems engineer Anjani Polit describe how the day will go: The capsule will enter Earth's atmosphere at 7:42 a.m. MST, traveling at about 27,650 mph. NASA's live coverage of the capsule landing starts at 7 a.m. MST and will air on NASA TV, the NASA app and the agency website.