Zoom AI Companion Available June 6

To: University Employees
From: University Information Technology Services
Subject: Zoom AI Companion Available June 6
Date: Jun 06, 2024

On June 6, Zoom AI Companion will be available for all users on the University of Arizona enterprise Zoom account (arizona.zoom.us). 

Zoom meeting hosts can choose to use Zoom AI by logging into their University Zoom account and enabling AI Companion in Settings. 

Zoom AI provides a new set of artificial intelligence capabilities designed to enhance collaboration and productivity among Zoom meeting participants. New AI features include AI Companion, Smart Recording and Meeting Summary, allowing users to get caught up on a meeting in progress, generate meeting notes or get assistance writing chat replies. 

Privacy and Usage Guidance

  • Zoom does not use meeting audio, video or notes to train its AI model. 
  • The University's agreement with Zoom ensures data is not sent to third-party vendors, and all AI-generated content remains the intellectual property of the University of Arizona.
  • To protect HIPAA-related data, Zoom AI will not be available to hosts using the University's HIPAA Zoom Portal for healthcare, health education and health data research.
  • Use Zoom AI as a secure meeting assistant and transcription service, as the University will block third-party tools like Otter.ai in the future. This change will be communicated to the campus community in advance.

Resources and Support

Zoom AI Working Group

A University working group reviewed Zoom AI Companion before its release to ensure it met the institution's security and privacy standards. The working group consisted of several academic and administrative units, including Arizona Data Science Institute; College of Health Sciences; Dean of Students Office; Disability Resource Center; Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insight; Norton School of Human Ecology; University Privacy Office; University Center for Assessment, Teaching and Technology; and University Information Technology Services. Thank you to all working group members who participated in this review process. 

Resources for the Media