Wired Network Registration During Fall 2020 Semester

To: On-campus faculty, staff, and students
From: University Information Technology Services
Subject: Wired Network Registration During Fall 2020 Semester
Date: Sep 10, 2020

The University is updating security on the wired network (Ethernet connection to a wall jack). This change will be implemented one building at a time from September 16 through the start of Thanksgiving break

When the building you are in is updated, you will need to have any computer that plugs into the wired network configured for this new security, or you will get a login window to access the network.


Your department's IT staff will be working to ensure that faculty, staff and students in your department will be able to connect. If you administer your own computer, there is information on configuring computers on the IT site. The wired network will automatically recognize VoIP phones, fax machines and most printers. 

  • If you have additional equipment (e.g., servers, lab equipment, cameras, etc.) that connects to the network with an Ethernet connection, contact your departmental IT staff as soon as possible to have it properly registered on the network. 


Your IT staff is working to make sure your computer is reconfigured. 

  • On a Windows machine, you will log into your computer every time you start up, as usual. 
  • On a Mac, you will receive a few pop-up windows asking you to verify a certificate for wiredauth.arizona.edu the first time you turn on your machine on after the change. 

If the machine does not connect properly, you will get a pop-up window that asks for a NetID and password login, similar to the UAWiFi login. You may have to unplug and replug the Ethernet cable afterwards. 

If for some reason you cannot connect to the network, you can 

  • Connect to UAWiFi with your NetID and password login
  • Call the 24/7 Support Center, who can create a temporary bypass for your computer until your departmental IT staff can assist you.


This change is a response to the Arizona Auditor General's IT Security Performance audit from June 2018. The University is required to make security upgrades to address the audit report. One of the requirements is implementing this security measure on the wired network, and other requirements will utilize the abilities this upgrade will give to University IT.  

These changes will help increase security for all of us at the University by protecting our wired network from unauthorized access. 

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