Remember These Employee Resources as Student Loan Payments Restart

To: All University of Arizona employees
From: Division of Human Resources
Subject: Remember These Employee Resources as Student Loan Payments Restart
Date: Sep 21, 2023

Do you have student loan payments due starting in October? Make sure to review these University of Arizona employee benefits and resources, which provide support through federal repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs and financial planning.

Savi Loan Forgiveness Support

Made available to University employees in August 2022, the Savi student debt solution benefit is offered by TIAA*, one of the University of Arizona's investment and financial planning providers.

How to use Savi:

  • Visit the TIAA student debt relief website and follow the prompts. Before you start, you will need your:

    • Estimated or known monthly payments.
    • Adjusted gross income from your most recently filed federal taxes.
  • Once you create your account, you can choose one of Savi's two tiers of service:

    • DIY (free): Quickly see your unique repayment plan options and potential savings upon entering your personal information. Complete, print and send your own paperwork.
    • Essential ($60/year): Track payments toward forgiveness and get convenient e-filing, one-on-one assistance, reminders and more.

*All employees can use Savi. Accounts with TIAA or Fidelity are not required.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Employee Verification (Made Easy)

The University is an eligible employer under the PSLF program. As part of the PSLF program, the government asks you to provide a PSLF application form that has been certified and signed by your employer.

Steps to receive a certified and signed PSLF form:

  1. Complete the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Form Request.
  2. We will send you an Adobe Sign document at your preferred email address with a prompt to sign your portion.
  3. Once you sign, HR Employee Records will complete and sign the remainder of the form and send it back to you.

Financial Support

If debt repayment has you thinking about your personal finances, consider the financial support benefits listed on the Life & Work Connections Financial Wellness webpage, including those listed below. These services are free.


CAPTRUST is an independent retirement plan advisory firm contracted with the Arizona Board of Regents that provides advice to employees who need help with their financial priorities, such as retirement plan options, budgeting, debt, credit and college savings. Schedule an appointment with a CAPTRUST adviser. Available to all employees.

  • ComPsych FinancialConnect

ComPsych financial planners offer unlimited, objective financial guidance on a broad range of issues, such as debt management, family budgeting, estate planning and tax planning. Contact ComPsych to meet with a financial specialist or explore financial topics. Available to benefits-eligible employees.

  • Fidelity and TIAA financial providers

Fidelity and TIAA are investment providers approved by the Arizona Board of Regents to administer the Optional Retirement Plan and the voluntary 403(b) retirement plan. Their representatives can also provide broader financial consultation. Schedule an appointment with Fidelity or TIAA. Available to all employees.

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