Bring Campus Health Programs to Your Classroom, Club or Student Group

To: Faculty & Staff
From: Campus Health
Subject: Bring Campus Health Programs to Your Classroom, Club or Student Group
Date: Oct 09, 2023

Did you know that, in addition to medical and counseling services, Campus Health offers award-winning health and wellness programs to students? Campus Health's educators and dietitians are available to present interactive programs in the classroom, residence halls, clubs or student groups, virtually or in person. 

Instructors, club leaders, and resident assistants can request a presentation on a variety of program topics, including general health, nutrition, mental health and resilience, sleep, stress management, alcohol, relationships and more. 

  • Instructors: If your class can't take place as planned, request one of the interactive student-focused programs during your scheduled class time instead of canceling. 
  • Club leaders: Invite Campus Health to your next meeting or schedule a special session to cover a topic your group wants to explore.  
  • Resident assistants: Schedule an interactive program tailored to your students and the topics you want to cover. 

Campus Health Events 

The Campus Health calendar is packed with free student-focused events, including free Stressbusters backrubs, weekly therapy dogs, healthy relationship workshops, cooking classes, and support groups that students can attend on their own.

Supporting Students' Mental Health 

Trainings and resources to help faculty and staff support students are available on the CAPS Together We Care page.

  • Notice.Care.Help. Training for Faculty and Staff – Faculty and staff can sign up to attend an upcoming training to gain essential knowledge and skills to recognize signs of students facing mental health challenges, cultivate a culture of care within the university community, and provide appropriate assistance based on their roles as employees. The 45-minute training is useful for any staff member while the 90-minute version focuses more heavily on faculty and instructors.
  • Student-focused CAPS Website – Faculty and instructors, please share the student-focused CAPS website on your course page to remind your students of the mental health support and resources available to them. Contact CAPS if you are concerned about a student: 520-621-3334. 

Additional Support and Resources 

  • Health and Wellness Survey Data – Campus Health programs are informed by the annual Health and Wellness Survey, which collects data from students across the University every February. If you have an interest in student health and wellness trends, check out the We've Got Data page
  • Health Services for Faculty and Staff – Faculty and staff can take advantage of Campus Health services for University employees year-round, including convenient in-person or virtual appointments. 


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