UA's Robert McCuskey to Lead International Organization

George Humphrey
Feb. 23, 2001

Robert S. McCuskey, professor and head of the University of Arizona department of cell biology and Anatomy, has been named president-elect of the American Association of Anatomists, one of the world's premier professional organizations. McCuskey will serve three two-year terms, beginning in April, as president-elect, president and president-emeritus.

McCuskey has been a UA faculty member at the College of Medicine since 1986 with joint appointments in physiology and pediatrics. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, he was professor and chairman of the anatomy department at the West Virginia School of Medicine.

A distinguished research scientist, McCuskey has "been using in vivo light microscopic techniques as well as light and electron microscopic study the dynamic morphology, physiology, pharmacology and pathology of living organs since 1959, with an emphasis on liver" according to biographical material. More recent techniques include the use of cell culture and molecular biology, in conjunction with those imaging methods.

"Anatomists now are playing an unprecedented role in a wide variety of interdisciplinary fields such as neuroscience and developmental biology, as well as aiding in translating discoveries in molecular and cellular biology and from sophisticated imaging into structural and functional relevance at the tissue, organ and organismic levels," McCuskey says.

"This necessitates that morphology (study of the configuration or the structure of animals and plants) must maintain a strong presence in basic science curricula. It is my belief that the AAA must play the pivotal role as an advocate for the morphological disciplines in all of these arenas and, in so doing, advance as well as nurture the research and educational objectives of the membership."




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