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Lori Stiles
June 9, 1999

by George Shelton

A powerful new e-mail system will begin to be phased in at the UA on Sunday, July 16, giving users much larger mailboxes and worldwide access to their e-mail.

Highlights of the new system

  • Larger mailboxes: Mailbox sizes will be increased significantly, from the existing
    five megabytes to 20 megabytes.
  • Bigger e-mail attachments: The system will be able to handle up to a 20-megabyte attachment.
  • Continued use of familiar e-mail software: The new system will be compatible with all POP and IMAP e-mail client software, including Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape.
  • Worldwide access to your e-mail. You'll be able to access your e-mail_both new and stored messages_from anywhere on the Internet. All e-mail functions will be available by going to any web site and entering your UA username and password.

Why the change?
"The existing system is stable, but it's subject to overload and failure," said CCIT's Stephen M. Buckler, project manager for the new system.

E-mail demand continues to increase on UA campus-wide computer systems, managed by CCIT, with more than 32,000 e-mail accounts generating an average of nearly 200,000 mail messages a day. "And maintaining the system is very labor-intensive," Buckler said.

Technically speaking
The new system uses e-mail software from Critical Path, running on two Sun Enterprise E3500 servers reserved exclusively for e-mail. All system components will be fully redundant to limit downtime should any piece fail.

As part of the new system's test, CCIT staffers have been using the new system in their daily work during June.

How will this affect your e-mail?
Here are some essential things to know about the move to the UA's new e-mail system.

1. If you do NOT have in your e-mail address, your e-mail account will remain where it is, and the new e-mail system will not directly affect your email.

If is included in your UA e-mail address, your e-mail account will be moved from the U Cluster of computers to the new e-mail-only computer system.
The move to the new system will take place in stages by moving blocks of users over a two-week period. Users will be notified by e-mail before an account is moved, and will be notified again once the account has been moved. These notification messages will contain instructions about the new e-mail account.

2. Your username and password will not change, and once the new e-mail system is operating, your e-mail will continue to work.

3. Your e-mail address will not change.

4. At some point after the new e-mail system is operating, you will need to change your email-client software settings. Directions will be included in the email message sent to you when your email has been moved to the new system.

5. Any questions about the change to the new email system should be referred by e-mail to .


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