Janis Leibold
May 6, 1999

Currently CCIT-Telecommunications is preparing the University listings for the business section of the White Pages for the 2000-01 US West Dex Tucson telephone directory.

Notify the appropriate staff person to coordinate your departmental listing.

To meet the strict publishing guidelines of US West, CCIT-Telecommunications is requesting a copy of updated listings by Friday, Feb. 11. Send your update to CCIT-Telecommunications, Computer Center, Room 116.

US West Dex charges $24 per line for each change or addition. Paperwork must include an account number, authorization signature and a contact phone number. There are no charges for deletions. The monthly charge per listing is $3.30.

Updates on the proper form can be faxed to 626-8020 or e-mail . For more information, call 621.0929.


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