Sleep Lab Director Honored

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Aug. 11, 2004

Richard R. Bootzin, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has been elected to the board of directors of the American Psychological Society. He currently is an APS fellow and charter member as well.

Bootzin's research focuses on understanding and treating sleep disorders. As director of the UA Sleep Research Lab he is currently engaged with his students in a variety of projects, including two that are federally funded. One is evaluating whether teaching sleep-improvement techniques to substance-abusing adolescents reduces recidivism. Bootzin also trains clinical psychology interns and graduate students in the Insomnia Program at the UA Sleep Disorder Center.

In 1972, he developed an internationally accepted stimulus control treatment for insomnia, a behavioral therapy that has helped thousands with sleep disorders. His textbooks, including "Psychology Today: An Introduction: Current Perspectives," have influenced a generation of students.

Bootzin also is a past-president and founding member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science, a coalition of more than 50 academic and internship training programs. He has served on workshops and advisory committees at the National Institutes of Health; reviews research, training grants and psychology department programs; and is an active leader in professional societies.

The American Psychological Society is the only organization dedicated exclusively to supporting researchers, applied and clinical scientists, academics and teachers in the field of psychology. The society is a powerful voice in promoting psychology as a science-based discipline and advancing behavioral science research.

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