New Restaurant Opens at PSU
Having originally opened in the Student Union Memorial Center, Core will soon open at Park Student Union.

By Nick Adamakis, Arizona Student Unions
Feb. 24, 2009

The popular Core restaurant has expanded.

On March 2, the restaurant will open in a brand new location – at The University of Arizona's Park Student Union – serving an entirely different area of campus. Core takes over the area at the union once occupied by Panda Express.

The UA restaurant, which serves more than 120 fresh ingredients and organic options allowing guests to customize their own salads, opened in September 2007 at the Student Union Memorial Center and quickly became a popular feature.

At Park Student Union, Core customers can still customize their own salads and they can also customize their own quesadillas, choosing from three different tortillas – plain, whole wheat, and tomato basil.

All salads are made fresh and to the customer's specifications. The list of ingredients include avocado, red peppers, albacore tuna, baked tofu, dried cranberries, carrots, spinach, romaine and many more.

"Core at PSU will be an instant hit with students as it offers a fast way to grab something healthy and nutritional," said Bill Shiba, the Arizona Student Unions director.

Shiba also said that "because Core is designed for 'food your body loves,' it will consistently seek to offer locally grown produce, organic options and unique, flavorful ingredients to make salads an appetizing daily choice for the campus community."

The Core name concept, logo and design layout were created in 2007 by then UA student Acacia Betancourt, a visual communication junior, as part of a visual communication class project that was headed by Jackson Boelts, a UA art professor.

Salads and quesadillas without protein are priced at $5.95. For complete salad options, ingredients and more information, visit the Core Web site or call 520-626-2313.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Park Student Union is located at 615 N. Park Ave.


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