Nationally Recognized Researcher Joins UA AHSC Phoenix Campus.

Vern Lamplot
Aug. 18, 2000

Dr. Michael S. Gordon, has been named associate dean of research for the Phoenix Campus of the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Gordon is recognized for his work in biologic therapy and anti-angiogenic drugs that block new blood vessel growth to starve tumors. Gordon says his priority will be working with investigators in the Phoenix area to initiate clinical trials through the Arizona Cancer Center and to foster a more global interest in clinical trials accrual.

"I have been charged with creating an academic research consortium for the Phoenix Campus, named the University of Arizona Research Consortium, that will focus on increasing the number of health-related research projects in Phoenix, including clinical trials of new drugs for cancer and other diseases," he said.

Gordon was previously an associate professor of medicine and director of the Clinical Hematology and Cytokine program at Indiana University School of Medicine.




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