Medical Conference Examines Role Of Healing Arts Across Disciplines

Jean Spinelli
March 2, 2001

This is the sixth annual conference relating health care to the healing arts of music, ethics, poetry, nutrition and empathy. It addresses health care in America, alternative medicine, Native American healing and practical ethical concerns. Sponsors include the University of Arizona College of Medicine and College of Nursing. The event is open to the public, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, health care professionals and scholars of literature and music.

    Topics will include:

  • "Ah! ... Morta! Morta! Morta!: Death and Disease at the Opera,"
  • "Cloning: A Sheep in Wolves' Clothing," "Affirmation, Loss, Regeneration: Native American Story and Poem,"
  • "Eating Well for Optimum Health,"
  • "Life's Journey: The Later Stages," and
  • "Breast Cancer Patients Need Empathy: A Doctor's Story."

    Speakers for the event are:

  • Allen E. Buchanan, UA professor of philosophy;
  • Pamela J. Davis, UA assistant professor of clinical medicine;
  • Mindy J. Fain, UA assistant professor of clinical medicine;
  • Simon J. Ortiz, poet, short fiction writer, storyteller, essayist, editor from Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico;
  • Kenneth J. Ryan, UA dean for academic affairs and professor of pathology and microbiology/immunology;
  • Andrew T. Weil, director, UA Program in Integrative Medicine




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