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Rich Amada
Feb. 8, 1999

The UA psychiatry department is currently seeking participants for a series of studies.

The free studies are offered to staff, students, and the general public. The studies could be very beneficial, especially to people without mental-health insurance coverage or those who have tried other treatments without success.

Anyone interested in any of the studies listed below should call 626-6751. Those calling should leave their name, phone number and the best time to be contacted.

o Citalopram Bipolar - Participants ages 18-70, who would meet criteria for Bipolar I depressed or Bipolar II depressed. Post traumatic stress disorder. need to be receiving a mood stabilizer and be able to taper off from any antidepressant before they could start Citalopram. Study time frame 24 weeks total, depending on whether they do well in the first eight weeks.

o CSF (Cerebral Spinal fluid) (RO3) - Participants ages 18-65 with a history of depression not currently depressed or on antidepressants for at least three months - two years. Patient receives one lumbar puncture two weeks. in a row to test enzyme in spinal fluid. Compensation provided upon completion of study.

o PAXIL/CBT - ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Participants ages 18-65, who are medically stable and currently depressed. Post traumatic stress disorder. Will be randomized to Paxil or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Study time frame 8 months.

o PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) - Females ages 18-50, who experience severe symptoms of PMS. There is a two-month screening period with the study lasting nine months. Post traumatic stress disorder. May be randomized to Prozac or placebo.

o Reboxetine (Prozac Resistant) - Participants ages 18-65, currently taking Prozac for at least six weeks with the last three weeks being a minimum of 40 mg. and are not responding. Study time frame 32 weeks max.

o Serotonin - Participants ages 18 and older , who have been feeling good for six months to two years. Currently on medication and wanting to stop. Also, need participants who are healthy. Study time frame one-two years.

o Schizophrenia - Participants ages 18-65, diagnosed w/schizophrenia, who are not currently on Olanzapine (Zyprexa) but would like to try the medication. Study time frame six months.

o Sexual Dsyfunction - Participants 18-55, MALE, currently on antidepressants but in remission from depression at least three months and experiencing antidepressant-related sexual problems for at least four weeks. Must be free of heart problems and not taking nitrates. Study time frame 17 weeks.


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