Enrollment census day is Feb. 3

Janis Leibold
Jan. 21, 1999

UA President Peter Likins will again be hosting the annual Service Awards Luncheon and the Retiree Dinner Reception.

An invitation list is currently being compiled. Payroll representatives have been given a packet of forms to verify all qualified individuals. Employees who have any questions regarding employment dates and eligibility should check with their payroll representative and have them contact Employee Records at 621.5970.

This year's Service Awards Luncheon will be held on Thursday, April 13th.

As part of our program to honor employee service to the University, I am hosting two events this spring. 2000 and Retiree Dinner Reception will be held to honor those who have served for an extended period of time at the University and those who will be retiring from the University this year respectively. Currently, we are in the process of compiling invitation lists for both events.

For questions related to the recognition luncheon and retiree dinner, contact the Office of Special Events in University Advancement at 621.1438.

Individuals planning to retire on or before June 30, who wish to be invited to the Retirees' Reception, should be reminded to return their paperwork to the Benefits Office as soon as possible. Individuals who retire after June 30 will be honored next year.


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