Art exhibition: "Bodies and Boundaries"

Rich Amada
Feb. 8, 1999

UA ophthalmology is gearing up for two glaucoma clinical studies. One study seeks to determine if a two-drug combination in a single eye drop is more effective at lowering eye pressure than a single medication. The second study is a clinical comparison of two new combination drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma symptoms.

The efforts will be directed by Dr. Robert Noecker and Sue Bulau, study coordinator.

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the United States and the single- most important cause of blindness in African Americans. The disease is characterized by elevated intraocular pressure, which eventually leads to damage of the optic nerve and a progressive loss of vision. Topical medications are widely used for controlling pressure in the eye.

The new glaucoma studies are two of four glaucoma trials taking place at the department of ophthalmology. Studies also are under way in the areas of dry eye, Hispanic eye disease, macular degeneration, myopia, optic nerve blood flow, cataract surgery and LASIK surgery.


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