WFH | Your work-from-home haiku submissions

Ruslan Rafikov, associate professor of medicine, shared this photo along with his haiku submissions. See more of his photos on Instagram at @ruslan._.rafikov.

Ruslan Rafikov, associate professor of medicine, shared this photo along with his haiku submissions. See more of his photos on Instagram at @ruslan._.rafikov.


Faculty and staff are continuing to find inspiration and tap into their creativity in this work-from-home environment – whether it's adapting to teaching classes online or finding some humor and levity in a complicated situation.

Just as you did when we asked for happy news, work-from-home tips and pictures of your home offices, kids and pets, you came through when we asked you for haiku exploring Zooming, working from home and home schooling.

You'll see some familiar themes in these poems, along with a few new ones, including working in pajamas, finding balance through nature, and appreciating commute-free days.

Find your inner peace by reading dozens of submissions from your colleagues in all of their 17-syllable glory. And for more perspective on how people can turn a stay-at-home atmosphere into an opportunity for artistic creativity, read this UANews article.


Traffic Jam Again   At home challenges –
Four Adults, A Dog, All Home   Cats walking on the keyboard
Hallway – at Rush Hour!   When can we return?
Karena Nespoli   Home-schooling the kids
Human Resources Representative   I now see, teachers need more
Department of Medicine   Appreciation
    Zoom meetings all day,
Kids are arguing   Faces in boxes.  Welcome
Dogs barking, husband on phone   To the Brady Bunch
Where are my headphones?!    
    Feeling so alone
Roll out of the bed   Co-workers are far away
Check the mirror, all OK   I miss Nerf gun wars
Time for my next Zoom!    
    Walter Ries
Lots of morning walks   IT Manager
Although life is disrupted   Office of Student Computing Resources
Good time together    
Debbie Claggett   Is your Zoom frozen?
Coordinator   Or is that a GIF of you
Interdisciplinary Capstone Program   Pretending to nod?
College of Engineering    
    Nick Prevenas
    Senior News Writer/Media Relations Analyst
Everyday I work   University Communications
At home until at least five    
And then I have wine    
    Dining room office,
Maya Patterson   extra bedroom workspace next,
Office Specialist, Senior   kind of miss downtown.
Arizona Institutes for Resilience: Solutions    
for the Environment and Society   Sacred library
    in extra bedroom space is
    now the home office.
Quarantine hair length    
Fostering insanity   My dogs sleep a lot,
Solution: No hair!   but are tied to the start of
    each Zoom meeting, woof!
Who are these children    
Running through my Zoom meeting?   Jennifer Priest Mitchell
Oh wait, they are mine   Faculty Coordinator
    College of Medicine – Phoenix
Our cats and our dogs    
Do not understand why they    
Cannot be on Zoom   Staff meeting on Zoom
    My kids burst into the room
I never would have   Thank heaven for mute
Believed how much it could mean     
Speaking face to face   Isaac Flater
    Marketing Specialist
Shana McClelland   SALT Center
Senior Research Administrator    
Research, Innovation & Impact    
    My dress code is nice
    Because I’m working from home
The dogs at my feet.   I’m not wearing pants.
Waiting for their entrance. Zoom!    
Meeting interrupted.    Ding! Buzz! Zoom! Ring! Beep!
    Multi-tasking is my game.
Alexandra Franz   How may I help you?
Administrative Assistant    
University Libraries   The phone does not ring.
    There are no copies to make.
    I’m "working" from home.
In PJs or sweats,    
A virtual Monet garden    I tried Zoom outdoors
Takes my kids to France   Incessant noise from neighbors
    Now it is too hot
In breakout rooms and    
Google docs and Padlet screens   Their school, my school, work.
Students still make friends   Brain is bouncing in my head.
    Where is my coffee?
Can you hear me now?    
Students close but far away.   Trying to teach them.
Black screens hide their face   I forgot math had letters,
    But I can still spell.
Heidi Quist    
Graduate Assistant   Helping with homework.
Department of French and Italian   Mom still rocks geometry.
    Take that, teenage sons!
Bloopers and hiccups   Lunching on my couch
Spotty video and sound   Dog waiting for tasty snacks
Just smile. It’s okay!   Drooling on my floor
Working from afar   Amy Warren
Our resilience is tested   Administrative Assistant
Yet we persevere!   Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Meg Cota    
Assistant Professor of Practice   DRIP DRIP COFFEE NOW
Educational Policy Studies and Practice   ZOOM ZOOMS ALL DAY LONG IT SEEMS
the daily commute   Megan Eagon
even that I seem to miss   Manager, Ticketing
but not enough though   Centennial Hall | UA Presents 
focus through a new scope    
once was quite invisible   Plugged in life all day 
is now obsession   Beep Ping Bubble Ding Ring Buzz
    Technology Loop
revolving seasons    
flipping through calendar days   Sam Eagon
time is now fluid   Technical Director 
    Centennial Hall | UA Presents 
springing from social    
to summertime distancing    
evolving in fall   Three months, hard pursuit. 
    No Suit. No Rest. And no Hair
thousand one steps round   spring I won’t hold tight.
twelve hundred sixty one feet    
convenient comfort   Extrovert cooped up.
    If retirement’s like this, 
Andrea Lawyer   Yep, I will be bored.
Coordinator, Employee Services    
Research, Innovation & Impact   Thomas O. McDonald
    Chief of Staff
    Office of Business Affairs
My kids redefine    
“lap-top,” Sorry my email    
Read: hhjj   Is this home schooling?
    I think more like home zooing.
Other essential   Ugh, pay teachers more.
Workers: Elmo, Peppa pig    
Working mom heroes   Write po-ems from home?
    Well, only when it is dark.
Leona Davis   My tears? Lyrical.
Events and Programs Coordinator    
Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry   Andy DuMont
    Director of Communications
    Executive Office of the President
Through the glass – a hawk    
Nature penetrates Zoom call    
A spray of feathers   I begin speaking
    Everyone looks on, blankly
Cheryl Gerken   Forgot to unmute
Educational Outreach Coordinator    
Arizona Public Media   LQP haiku
    I try and try, but alas
    I’m out of syllab
No alarms since March    
Hoping to eat out again soon   Andy Ober
I miss my coworkers   Assistant Director, News
    University Communications
Joy Caron    
Coordinator, Personnel and Faculty Status    
HR Generalist III   Aging parents: Fear
Mel and Enid Zuckerman    Silent, empty classrooms: Grief
College of Public Health   Hummingbirds: Delight
    Brenae Bailey
We are all in this   Lecturer
The commercials tell me so   Department of Mathematics
It's like cubicles    
Andy Lewis   isolation angst 
Executive Assistant   never focused, always hungry
Financial Services | Administration   won't return to pants
    Mikayla Mace
cat sits on the table   Science Writer
zoom, write, cook, clean, sit, stand, again   University Communications
kitchen universe    
Lisa Falk   Alone at my desk
Head of Community Engagement and    Cicadas' voices are heard
Associate Curator of Education   Can they hear mine too?!
Arizona State Museum    
Teaching Associate, College of Education   Deborah S. Corcoran
    Senior Auditor
    Internal Audit
Working outdoors now    
Mosquitos in my “office”    
Getting hot today   it took me two months
    and still found myself roaming 
Snacks in the kitchen   To get to work
Computer in the bedroom    
Where does my head go   the lost connection 
    Cat is smiling guiltily
I have the best   zoom in and zoom out
Coworkers and office mates     
Two cats and a dog   Disturbing my writing
    Someone tries to blind me
Nancy Tepper   Sun at the horizon
Garden Kitchen Instructional Specialist    
Pima County Cooperative Extension   Ruslan Rafikov
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    Department of Medicine
What is happening?    
Learn, accept and find balance    
See the world anew   The cat at my feet.
    The Rincons out my window.
Erin K. Deely   Here I sit, working.
Director of Recruitment    
College of Science   Cassie Walker
    Prospect Research Analyst
    Development Services
I've always wondered,    
can meetings be an email?    
We're finding out now!   Gila Monster stroll
    Love my Sonoran Desert
Scott G. Skinner   Working-from-home views
Applications Systems Analyst    
Developer, Principal   Betsy Wilkening
University Information Technology Services   Education Outreach Coordinator
    Water Resources Research Center
Morning routine same    
Office has changed now   What happened to Spring?
Waiting for what's next   Wish it could begin again
    With no Pandemic
Margie Puerta Edson    
Senior Director of Development    Gazing at the door
and Alumni Relations   Not missing the morning rush
College of Engineering   But I do miss you
    Nancy Rash 
Another day home   Financial Services Specialist
Discovering Great things   Financial Services | Payroll
I never had time for    
I don’t miss the ride.   Spring blossoms blister
No traffic is the best part   Electric breeze bears no scent
Saving stress and earth   A day without sun
When will it all end?   Imprint on closed eyes
We must return to normal   Light and dark urgent to-dos
Proceed with caution!   Orange cat purring
My grandson is here   Glowing faces watch
Working on studies and music   Bright song from sole cardinal
My home filled with joy   New industry glints
My dogs are so glad   Susanna Eden
I’m home every day to play   Assistant Director
The cat – not so much   Water Resources Research Center
Kindness and love abound               
Thinking of others is key   Sound is cutting out
We’ll all be stronger   Video is way too dark
    Zoom is the new norm
Tovi Ballesteros    
Associate Accountant    Dietlinde B. DuPlessis
Planning, Design and Construction   Communications Specialist
    Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources
Stay out of harm’s way    
Zoom is not the same for me   A full day of work
I miss my Wildcats   in my pajamas. How nice!
    Less laundry to do.
Amy Selegue     
Program Coordinator, Senior   Roy Goodman
University of Arizona Cancer Center   Administrative Associate
    Student Behavioral Education
    Housing and Residential Life
Forced working from home    
Was not in my arrangement    
But it is working   No quiero pensar
    Ay, el virus, el virus
Working in pjs   Déjame en paz!
Avoid the zoom camera     
No hair styling done   I don't want to think
    Oh, the virus, the virus.
Carol Stuehm   Get off my planet!
Clinical Research Coordinator    
Department of Medical Imaging   Quieres regresar
    a la Universidad,
    Cuídate pues ya!
Must work from home now    
But the fridge is so empty   You want to come back
Eating grilled cheese again   to the university
    take care already!
Kevin Ricotta    
Systems Administrator II   Arlene Islas
Office of Student Computing Resources   Video Communications Manager
    University Communications
Mailman strolls up walk    
Dog stirs, hackles rise – quick now!   My deadline is nigh
Where’s the mute button?   But the fridge, it is right there
    Cold treats seduce me
URL chains link    
colleagues meeting by meeting   Kyle Mittan
Through our Zoomiverse   Communications Specialist
    University Communications
Christine Seliga    
Library Operations Supervisor    
University Libraries    

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