QTR Expanded to Include Courses from the University of Arizona Global Campus

To: University Employees
From: Division of Human Resources
Subject: QTR Expanded to Include Courses from the University of Arizona Global Campus
Date: Jul 01, 2024

Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) has been expanded to include courses from the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC). Employees, spouses/domestic partners and dependents can use the QTR benefit to take classes at UAGC starting in the 2024 fall semester. 

Because the UAGC academic calendar is continuous rather than on the semester system, please follow these two steps to apply QTR to UAGC courses.

Step 1: Apply for QTR for UAGC courses

  • Log in to UAccess Employee. After logging in, select Main Menu > University Benefits > Qualified Tuition Reduction > QTR Application Form. 
  • When filling out the QTR application, select UAGC from the "School Student Attending" drop-down menu.

To use QTR for UAGC courses, employees must submit their QTR application during the submission window that correlates with the semester/benefit period in which they are taking classes. Employees must be active on the first day of the University academic semester during which their desired UAGC course occurs, regardless of when it starts. Visit the Qualified Tuition Reduction webpage to learn more.

Step 2: Provide QTR eligibility documents to UAGC

After receiving eligibility verification, new UAGC students should begin the UAGC admission application by following the steps on its Qualified Tuition Reduction webpage. You will be prompted to upload your eligibility document during this process. You can begin applying for enrollment up to eight weeks prior to the start date of your chosen course. Existing UAGC students can email their approved QTR application to employee.application@uagc.edu or submit it to their adviser. 

About QTR

QTR is a benefit provided to full-benefits-eligible employees and their qualifying dependents to receive reduced tuition at any of the three Arizona public universities: the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Applications for the fall 2024 semester opened May 31.

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