Proposed Changes to Sun Tran Routes – Voice Your Opinion

Subject: Proposed Changes to Sun Tran Routes – Voice Your Opinion
Date: Aug 31, 2023

If you commute to and from campus, you have an opportunity to share your thoughts on proposed changes to Sun Tran routes that could impact campus commuters.

The City of Tucson recently carried out a Comprehensive Operational Analysis to review and evaluate Sun Tran, Sun Link, Sun Express, and Sun Shuttle services to determine potential improvements to the existing regional transit network.

After extensive research, public outreach, data collection and community input, a draft plan is now available to the public. The project team is currently collecting feedback on the draft plan, and comments will be incorporated into the final service plan.

If you are a student, staff, faculty or community member that uses public transportation to get to and from campus, the outcome of this plan could impact your daily commute. Several Sun Tran routes may be impacted, including routes 1, 3 and 5.

Visit to learn about the proposed changes.

On that website you can use the menu at the left to:

  • Complete a survey to share your thoughts
  • Review the goals of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis
  • Watch a video presentation
  • Learn about the process
  • Explore the draft plan

Voice your opinion on the proposed draft plan before Sept. 8.

If you would like additional information on Sun Tran, Sun Van, Sun Shuttle and/or Sun Link, call 520-792-9222 (or TDD: 520-628-1565) or email:

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