Name Change: Department of Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation

To: UA Community
From: Department of Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation
Subject: Name Change: Department of Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation
Date: Jul 10, 2019

The Department's current activities and programs transcend the traditional boundaries of agricultural education and the preparation/advancement of school-based agriculture teachers. Curricula, research, and service has broadened to focus on the preparation and empowerment of school-based teachers, educators, and entrepreneurial leaders in the agriculture and life sciences fields who can advance educational, organizational and technological innovations across rural and urban communities, government agencies, expanding industries, and schools. Accordingly, the breadth and 21st century relevance of the knowledge and skills that are being developed and disseminated through the Department's instructional, research and service mission will be better conveyed to internal and external audiences (e.g., undergraduate and graduate students, prospective employers) under the departmental name "Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation."

The change of name from "Agricultural Education" to "Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation" more clearly and cohesively conveys the departmental emphasis on innovation in teaching, leadership, and professional practices in agriculture and life sciences. This emphasis is already fully established across the entire suite of departmental curriculum offerings and programs. The last name change occurred in 1950 when the unit was formerly known as "Agricultural and Extension Education." The new name change took effect July 1, 2019.

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