E-Scooter Policy

To: UA Community
From: Parking & Transportation Services
Subject: E-Scooter Policy
Date: Sep 16, 2019

The University of Arizona prohibits the use of all electric scooters on campus due to safety and accessibility concerns. This includes the electric scooters recently deployed by two companies under the City of Tucson pilot program.

Parking and Transportation Services is working closely with the city during their pilot program to ensure the University ban is communicated to scooter riders. The City of Tucson also has required the two electric scooter companies to geofence University of Arizona property as a No Ride Zone. This means the scooters will not operate on University property.

For individuals interested in riding an electric scooter off-campus, its important to know that riders are required to follow the general rules of the road for any bicycle and electric scooters may not be ridden on sidewalks. We are concerned about electric scooters being left in pedestrian pathways, ramps, doorways, and other areas that could impede campus accessibility.

To ensure pathways remain accessible, we have designated electric scooter parking locations around the exterior of campus. If you are riding a Bird or Razor electric scooter to campus, you may end your ride in one of these designated parking locations. Designated electric scooter parking locations can be found using UArrive, our interactive campus map. The locations appears as red squares.

If electric scooters are found on campus, including locked to bike racks or railings, the owner is subject to citation and the electric scooter may be impounded, resulting in a $100 fee.

Please visit Section 8.07 of our Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations for more information.

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