UDWPE Needs Graders

Janis Leibold
Jan. 15, 1999

The University Composition Board invites all teaching faculty and administrators to devote one morning or afternoon this spring to evaluating essays written by undergraduates taking the Upper-Division Writing-Proficiency Examination (UDWPE).

The UDWPE the second of three university writing requirements affecting all undergraduates.

Dates for this semester's scoring sessions are provided below. The Composition Board needs about 160 faculty graders this spring. The last exams of each semester is usually the largest, so help additional assistance is needed for the May sessions. A staff member will make reminder calls to confirm the time and date of sessions for graders. Shortly before the scheduled day, the board will send graders a copy of the exam article and questions, as well as a pamphlet describing the exam. University Composition Board, Modern Languages Bldg., Room. 378

Grading dates are Feb. 4, Feb 5, March 11, March 12, April 8, April 9, May 6 and May

7. Grading times begin at either 8:30 a.m. or 1 p.m. on these dates.

E-mail brydle@u.arizona.edu or call 621-5428.



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