UA Psychology Professor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Psychological Society

Lori Harwood
May 9, 2003

The American Psychological Society presented Psychology Professor Emeritus Lee Sechrest with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at a festschrift held in his honor April 27-28.

A festschrift, which translates from the German as "festival of writing" honors selected professors by inviting colleagues and students to write and present papers. The festschrift honoring Sechrest, titled "Measurement, Methodology, and Evaluation,? was held in Tucson. The festschrift, sponsored and funded by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychology Society, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the UA Department of Psychology, drew speakers and attendees from across the country to honor Sechrest and recognize his many contributions to the science of psychology.

?The psychology department has been enormously fortunate to have benefited from having professor Sechrest as a member of our faculty for many years. His impact upon scientific methodology and measurement within psychology has been deep and global, and the legacy of the many students he has taught will continue to extend his tremendous influence far into the future,? said Al Kaszniak, head of the psychology department.

After receiving his doctorate from Ohio State University in 1956, Sechrest served as a faculty member at Pennsylvania State University, Northwestern University, Florida State University, and the University of Michigan. He came to the University of Arizona in 1984 and was head of psychology from 1984-1989. While at the UA, he founded the Evaluation Group for Analysis of Data (EGAD) in psychology.

Sechrest?s research program has focused on developing innovative approaches to applied social measurement and research methodology, and on improving the quality and dissemination of scientific information. He has published more than 20 books and monographs, and well over 200 articles. Among some of his landmark publications, as author or co-author, are "Unobtrusive Measures: A Survey of Nonreactive Research in Social Science," "Psychotherapy of Behavior Change," "Effective and Persuasive Case Studies," a review of program evaluation in the Annual Review of Psychology, and a frequently cited article on calibrating measures in the American Psychologist.

His contributions to social science research and program evaluation have been widely recognized. In addition to his recent Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Psychological Society, he has been awarded the Myrdal Prize for Excellence in Evaluation Practice from the American Evaluation Association; the American Psychological Association (APA) Award for Special Achievement in Public Service; the Harold M. Hildreth Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Public Service Psychology from APA Division 18 (Psychologists in Public Service); and the Samuel J. Messick Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions from APA Division 5 (Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics).

Lee has served on numerous task forces of APA and was elected president of both Division 5 (Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics) and Division 12 (Clinical Psychology). He was elected to the Board of Directors of the APS and developed a series of workshops on methodology for APS conventions. He was elected president of the American Evaluation Association. Lee has been a consultant to the Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D) branch of the Department of Veterans Affairs for over 25 years, serving as a reviewer and chair of the Scientific Review Committee and a mentor for the Career Development Program. He currently serves on the VA HSR&D National Advisory Panel.


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