Summer Sizzle Continues at UAMA with "Hot Art"

Rich Amada
Aug. 11, 2000

"Hot Art: Lewis Alquist"
Presented by the University of Arizona Museum of Art

Aug. 13-Sept. 24
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday noon-4 p.m.

University of Arizona Museum of Art, UA Campus -- southeast corner of Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard


ArtBreak with Lewis Alquist on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 12:15 pm

Media -- Alisa Shorr, 621-7567
Public -- UA Museum of Art, 621-7567

What's hot? Sculptor and filmmaker Lewis Alquist, turns up the temperature
with his radioactive Fiestaware installations at the University of Arizona Museum of Art.

Alquist has prepared a three-course radioactive installation with the secret ingredient being the orange uranium glazes used on vintage Fiestaware. "Hot Lunch" evokes both cafeteria and morgue as an orange dinner plate hypnotically slides back and forth on a formica slab. Next up is "Sleeping Mutation (For Constantin Brancusi)," perhaps a sequel to Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham". In Alquist's version, an emu egg is served on a dinner plate bombarded by radioactive emissions that sits atop a Geiger counter that crackles with spark of thousands of particle counts per minute. The final offering is a radioactive tea set that revolves around a Geiger counter.

Are you safe? Has your comfort zone been compromised? Geiger counters crackle inside the gallery, but what about outside the gallery? Are governmental and corporate plans to dispose of radioactive waste too hot to handle?

Alquist creates art that uses kinetic energy to make the invisible more visible. "Under the Sniperscope" puts the audience in the hot seat with a sniper's-view of an urban streetscape through a binocular microscope with an unloaded rifle mounted below. And "Fandangle" will cool things down as a high speed industrial fan wrapped in rubber bands hangs off the gallery walls.


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