Study Looks at Perceptions of Organ Donation

Janis Leibold
Feb. 26, 2004

The Eller College of Business and Public Administration is seeking faculty and staff to participate in a study on the considerations involved with organ donations.

As part of the project researchers are currently creating several focus groups to assess the barriers people perceive when they consider signing up to be an organ donor. The discussion groups will only focus on attitudes toward non-living organ donation, or donations made after death.

The two-hour sessions will be conducted in the early evenings: Tuesday, March 2, Wednesday, March 3, and Thursday March 4, in areas on campus or within two block of the UA.

Topics will include public opinion toward organ donation, perceived barriers to signing up, and the reasons why although many have positive attitudes regarding donation most are not currently signed up to be donors. Responses will be handled carefully and confidentially.

Participation you will be provided with a meal and financially compensated for their time.

Other criteria:
Volunteers must not currently be signed up to be an organ donor, must hold favorable attitudes toward organ donation and must not be a recipient of a donated organ.

Interested participants should e-mail


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