Regents Approve 2008-09 Tuition and Fees

Rebecca Ruiz-McGill
Dec. 6, 2007

The Arizona Board of Regents today approved University of Arizona President Robert N. Shelton's recommendations for tuition and fees for the 2008-09 academic year.

According to Shelton, tuition dollars will be dedicated to student access, student learning and student success.

Tuition changes at the UA are as follows:

Undergraduate Tuition

For resident undergraduate students at the main campus in Tucson, the regents have approved a $450 tuition increase, bringing the amount to $5,274. For resident undergraduate students attending UA South in Sierra Vista, a $300 increase was approved, bringing the amount to $4,603. The regents also approved a $2,350 increase for nonresident undergraduate students attending any UA campus, which brings tuition for that group to $18,408.

Graduate Tuition

For resident graduate students at the UA's main campus and UA South, tuition will go up $520 to $6,064, while the rate for nonresident graduate students will increase by $2,350 increase to $18,701.


The University also proposed, and the regents approved, an $80 annual student services fee, which will be phased in over two years, starting with a $40 fee in 2008-09. The fee will help fund student support programs, such as campus safety, health and counseling services.

More than 5,100 students responded to an online survey about the fee earlier this fall, conducted by UA Student Affairs, Associated Students of the UA and the Graduate and Professional Student Council. The majority of respondents indicated a willingness to pay a student services fee and there was general agreement regarding the top priorities for funding.

A total of 15 percent of the tuition and fee revenues will be set aside for need-based financial aid for students.

"Tuition at the UA is one of America's greatest bargains," Shelton said. "We are committed to providing students with an academic experience that will stay with them the rest of their lives."

The UA is one of only 62 members in the Association of American Universities, a prestigious organization that recognizes universities with exceptionally strong research and academic programs. Among that prestigious group, tuition at the UA is the second lowest of all the public universities. Among peer institutions as designated by the Arizona Board of Regents, the UA's tuition ranks as the third lowest nationally.

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