Norman Weinberg percussion concert

Rich Amada
Jan. 29, 1999

University President Peter Likins is inviting nominations for honorary degrees
that recognize distinguished contributions to the University, the state, the nation or the world at large.

University policy requires all nominations to come from an organized faculty unit, college, academic department or program, supported by a vote of the relevant faculty. Normally, only one degree is awarded at the suggestion of each college in any one year. However, exceptions are possible.

The nominating group needs to provide its dean or vice president with its nominee's curriculum vitae and a brief statement of about 300 words indicating why the award is appropriate. This statement needs to focus on the significance of the nominee's work, not merely repeat facts drawn from the curriculum vitae. The dean or vice president should add her own comment and recommendation, and forward the nomination to the president along with six copies.

The Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees will review all new nominations early in fall 2000, and recommend which names should go forward to the Faculty Senate.

Candidates endorsed by the Senate then get sent to the Arizona Board of Regents for final approval.

Nominations are due at dean's office on Monday, Aug. 28.
Nominations are due at President's Office Wednesday, Sept. 5.


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