McCain to speak at College of Law Commencement

Jeff Harrison
May 4, 1999

Things that crawl, things that fly, things that swim. For a preschooler, every day marks the beginning of another exciting adventure, filled with millions of things to explore.

Encourage this natural inquisitiveness and start your child on a lifelong journey of discovery with preschool programs from the University of Arizona Extended University.
In these fun-filled hands-on learning experiences designed for the youngest of learners, children ages 2-5 will blossom creatively, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

In Creative Movement for Children, designed by Melissa Lowe, UA associate professor of ballet and program director of the UA's Early Movement Education Program, preschoolers will experience the joy of movement and freedom of creative expression. They'll also gain poise and coordination, enhance their ability to assimilate new knowledge, and develop a positive attitude toward learning.

Classes are Saturdays through April 15.Cost is $100 per child. Call 621.7724 to register.


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