Likins vs. budget

Janis Leibold
Jan. 28, 1999

The Faculty Senate will discuss changes to the Code of Academic Integrity at its next meeting Monday, Feb. 7, in the College of Law, Room 146.

Steven Smith, chair of the Student Affairs Policy Committee, will present additional text to the Prohibited Conduct paragraph of the Code of Academic Integrity. The proposal is up for discussion and possible action

Chair of the Faculty Jerrold E. Hogle and Sen. Juan C. Heinrich, chair of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, will discuss proposed changes to selected sections of the Constitution and Bylaws of the General Faculty.

Sen. Dennis L. Larson, chair of the Academic Personnel Policy Committee, will give a progress report on grievance procedure revisions.

Betty Atwater and Randy Richardson, co-chairs of the Self-Study Report Steering Committee, will give an update on the preparation for North Central Association visit scheduled for Feb. 13-16.

Ralph Fregosi, Chair, of the Research Policy Committee, will lead the first reading of Policy on Ethics in Research and Procedures for Investigations of Misconduct in Research.


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