Free Pizza and Professional Advice
UA professionals sit with students over pizza to talk about their academic and career paths.

By La Monica Everett-Haynes, University Communications
Oct. 1, 2007

Enjoy. Listen. Learn. Ask.

It’s the four-part purpose of “Pizza with a Professional,” a program that lines up a group of professionals to speak candidly with students about various academic and career paths.

“It’s just wonderful, practical information and a wonderful opportunity for students to ask the questions they want to ask,” says Debbie Marlow, who coordinates the program.

Five sessions are held each semester with five to seven panelists speaking per session.

The program is geared toward freshmen, sophomores and those in University College, but all students are welcome to attend.

“We want to help them decide on a major and to learn more about careers,” says Marlow, also a University College advising specialist. “Usually, our guests talk about what they majored in while in college and what it takes to break into their career or field.”

This week’s session is “Internationally-Focused Careers & Opportunities,” which will be held Wednesday beginning at noon in the Student Union Memorial Center’s Santa Rita Room.

Given the negative perspective some hold about international work, it is important to reinforce the “joy” associated with working abroad, said Wayne Decker, international studies and external affairs director for The University of Arizona’s Honors College.

“You need to do work internationally because there is a whole world out there. You need to be connected with it and you’re crazy if you don’t,” Decker says. International work is not always a “crisis situation,” he added.

“You can work internationally with virtually any kind of background. It’s just a matter of finding jobs and having the desire to work internationally,” Decker says. “I think it is part of my job to wake people up to the possibilities and the joy of working internationally.”

There are other benefits to attending one of the program’s sessions.

Assistant Athletics Director Phoebe T. Chalk said students also learn the fundamentals: how to network and find work, ways to appropriately present oneself, business etiquette and courtesy, resume building, communication skills and the dangers of personal information on Web sites.

“The goal is to provide students who haven’t made a career decision the chance to meet people in different fields,” says Chalk, who participated in this semester’s first session, held in September. “I really wish somebody had done that for me.”

All this information is important because “they are still trying to figure out what they want and where they’re going,” she added. “We share our experiences with the young people and talk about what education we received."

Other events will be held the following dates:

Oct. 17: Law Careers in the Student Union Memorial Center’s Rincon Room

Oct. 31: Forensic Careers in the Student Union Memorial Center’s Rincon Room

Nov. 14: Broadcast and Journalism Careers in the Student Union Memorial Center’s Rincon Room


Registration is required for each session, and all sessions run from noon to 1:30 p.m. Call 621-7763 to reserve your spot.

Free pizza and soda will be provided during each session.

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