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Jeff Harrison
May 18, 1999

State Rep. Lou Ann Preble, R-Tucson, recently was honored for her many contributions to the establishment of the Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP).

Preble chaired the Legislative Committee on Telemedicine from 1997-98 where she promoted legislation supporting the expansion of telemedicine technology throughout Arizona.

In presenting the "Director's Award," Dr. Ronald S. Weinstein, director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program, said, "The commitment and energy Representative Preble contributed to bringing health-care access to rural Arizona through telemedicine technology is unsurpassed. She promoted wider telemedicine care and she generated legislation expanding student health care rural rotations. She also promoted the facilitation of health service districts, which strengthen the finance base of rural health facilities. Representative Preble's efforts to make health care available to rural Arizonans have had a major impact," he said.

Preble serves as vice chair on the House Health Committee, where she long has supported the use of telemedicine as a means to provide care to residents in remote areas of the state. The award-winning Arizona Telemedicine Program, which has its headquarters and hub at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, was initiated in 1996 by the Arizona Legislature. The program's telecommunications network now provides telemedicine services to 14 communities, and distance-learning programming for continuing medical education and continuing education to an additional dozen sites.

For more information, please call Dr. Ronald Weinstein, director, Arizona Telemedicine Program, 520.626.6097.


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