Arizona Cancer Center Researcher Receives Fellowship

Tina Alvarez
Aug. 9, 2000

Dr. Scot Ebbinghaus, assistant professor of medicine at the Arizona Cancer Center, received the Robert S. Flinn Clinical Faculty Research Fellowship award from the Flinn Foundation.

The award, $150,000 a year for three years with an additional two years of funding subject to competitive renewal, supports his research into a novel drug delivery system using triplex DNA to block a certain cancer gene prevalent in breast and lung cancers.

"This award provides essential support that allows me to pursue my research interest and enables me to work toward bringing this unique drug delivery strategy from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside," Ebbinghaus said. "Using this unique approach to cancer therapy will further our ability to tailor treatment for the individual patient."

Ebbinghaus, formerly an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, joined the faculty of the Arizona Cancer Center in February. He specializes in genitourinary cancers and lung cancers.




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