UArizona, Garcia Family Foundation Announce $4M Gift for Honors College Scholarships

Campus Recreation's new NorthREC facility in the Honors Village opened on Aug. 26, 2019. The facility is open to all students and staff/faculty can purchase memberships.

Campus Recreation's new NorthREC facility in the Honors Village opened on Aug. 26, 2019. The facility is open to all students and staff/faculty can purchase memberships.

The University of Arizona and the Garcia Family Foundation of Tempe announced today a new commitment of $4 million to grow a prestigious scholarship program for Honors College students. The support helps move the university closer to its $50 million goal for the 360 Initiative, a student-focused fundraising effort that is an integral component of the university's strategic plan.

The 360 Initiative seeks to remove obstacles to students' success, enrich their experiences and prepare them to pursue meaningful careers. In addition to enhancing services such as tutoring and counseling, the 360 Initiative aims to raise scholarship dollars that follow students throughout the Wildcat Journey.

The Garcia Family Foundation Scholarship is a 10-year, $400,000 annual commitment to student excellence at the University of Arizona. In addition to assistance with offsetting the cost of attendance, Garcia Scholars receive travel stipends for up to two international study abroad experiences. The first of these experiences is timed between students' first and second years, so that students develop together as a cohort, with deep global perspective, early in their college careers.

The Garcia Family Foundation was established in 1996 and focuses on supporting education and ending homelessness.

"Our educational work signals our commitment to individuals and their capacity to grow, learn and impact the world," said Jon Ehlinger, president of the Garcia Family Foundation. "We are very excited to join the University of Arizona in providing a launch point for realizing the full potential of the Garcia Family Scholars. The work these students will do as honors students will accentuate the broad, interdisciplinary experiences central to innovative thinking and deep collaboration, both keys to success in today's world. We believe in these students and their ability to change lives. We look forward to their unique contributions to their communities in the years ahead. Like them, we believe in changing lives by working together."

"The Garcia Family Foundation's priorities align closely with those of the Honors College, where a social conscience and leadership activation are two of our 'five pursuits,'" said Honors College Dean Terry Hunt. "This announcement of their generous gift comes at an important time in our history, given the increasingly outward vision of Honors College students as they work toward the five pursuits, which also include a growth mindset, optimal learning and an essential toolkit of skills."

"Students are our first priority, and I am grateful for partners like the Garcia Family Foundation, which shares our focus on making education accessible and ensuring our students graduate prepared for a globalized world," said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins. "The Garcia Family Foundation Scholarship for Academic Excellence will be life-changing for incredible students who will be the next generation of leaders and innovators."

"The Garcia Family Foundation has been a generous supporter of student success at the University of Arizona for 20 years," said University of Arizona Foundation President and CEO John-Paul Roczniak. "I am proud of what we have been able to achieve together through programs like Arizona Assurance, which supports low-income students in Arizona. This new gift will transform lives and help the university attract excellent students."