Charlas con Café: 'Tracing their Own Path: Women Shrimp Traders in Northwestern Mexico'


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The Center for Latin American Studies presents Spring 2024 Charlas con Café – a weekly space to hear lectures from a wide variety of experts and discuss topics relevant to the Latin American region, Fridays from 1-2p.m. (unless otherwise specified). Coffee and snacks starting at 12:30 p.m.

In this presentation María L. Cruz-Torres will provide a close examination of the historical and contemporary participation of women in Mexico's seafood industry through their livelihoods as seafood traders; their control and use of urban public space; their struggle for organizational and collective action; their familial and household dynamics crucial to their livelihoods; and the many social, political, and economic challenges they face. It traces the rugged and often times blazing path of a group of women shrimp traders (Changueras), from their beginnings as stigmatized street peddlers to their self-formation as politically influential unionized workers, and finally as icons of the local popular culture.

María L. Cruz-Torres is an associate professor in the School of Transborder Studies at Arizona State University and a cultural anthropologist whose areas of teaching and
research include: political ecology; impact of globalization upon local communities and households; gender and work; gender, sustainability and the environment; migration; food systems; and the environmental and social aspects of natural resource management.

This is a hybrid event. To join on Zoom, register below.




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