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Group Therapy for Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia at the Department of Psychology's Behavioral Health Clinic

Often, being the caregiver of someone with dementia can lead to heightened levels of anxiety, stress, and depression – all on top of trying to handle many of the needs of their loved ones. The Behavioral Health Clinic's (BHC) caregiver support group aims to support people by providing techniques to help them care for themselves throughout their time as a caregiver and beyond. 

The caregiver support group is an educational skill-building supportive therapy group. In this group, participants will learn skills to cope with the difficult thoughts and emotions that surround being a caregiver of someone with dementia. 

Each session will focus on better understanding aspects of caregiving for someone with a neurodegenerative condition and will introduce a particular therapeutic skill. Group members will be provided access to a series of short educational videos that introduce the concepts and skills that will be taught in each session.

Group Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 12 p.m. via Zoom, cost $15 per session and are led by University of Arizona Clinical Psychology doctoral students who are closely supervised by licensed clinical psychologists.

Session topics include:

  • Neurodegenerative Conditions: An Overview and Separating From our Thoughts: Defusion
  • Care of the Caregiver and The Power of Acceptance
  • When Care Levels Rise and Being in the Present Moment
  • Monitoring Safety and Independence and Understanding Your Values


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