2024 Blitzer Award Lecture with Professor Ilaria Pascucci


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You are invited to the 19th annual Professor Leon and Pauline Blitzer Award and Lecture in the Teaching of Physics and Related Sciences featuring awardee and speaker Ilaria Pascucci, professor in the Department of Planetary Sciences.

From Planet-forming Disks to Exoplanets: Reconstructing the Paths to Habitable Worlds

How did our solar system and other planetary systems form? Which systems are most likely to host habitable worlds? These are critical questions as we plan for missions capable of detecting Earth analogues and search for atmospheric signatures of life. I will discuss how linking multi-wavelength observations of disks around young stars and exoplanet demographics sheds light on these questions. First, I will present evidence for a dominant mechanism to form giant planets. Then, I will discuss an ongoing effort to establish how the most common planets, sub-Neptunes and super-Earths, form. I will conclude by exploring how upcoming telescopic observations will advance these studies and their role in reconstructing the paths to habitable worlds.

This award is funded through the Professor Leon and Pauline Blitzer Teaching Award Fund held at the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona.

Parking available at Cherry Avenue Garage or 2nd Street Garage.




Kuiper Space Sciences Room 308
1629 E. University Blvd.