7th Interstellar Symposium

When: September 24, 2021 8:00am to September 27, 2021 1:00pm
7th Interstellar Symposium

This symposium is an international gathering of scientists, engineers and futurists who are engaged in laying the foundations for outposts throughout the solar system and achieving a pathway to the stars. Held in conjunction with NASA's NIAC symposium, this event will consist of seminars, workshops, plenary presentations and poster papers on topics as varied as astronomy, sensors, propulsion, advanced materials, robotics, life support and more. This is a great opportunity to see what's at (or beyond) the cutting edge of technology. It's also a great chance for the University of Arizona to highlight its wide-ranging scientific excellence and to build bridges to NASA researchers across the country.  

Audience: All
Audience size: Medium (51-100)
Price: 300


Campus: Main Campus


Tucson Marriott University Park
Tucson , AZ
United States
Arizona US

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Requests for disability-related accommodations should be directed to the event's primary contact: Stephen Fleming