Striking Up the Band

Aug. 26, 2015

The Pride of Arizona marching band at the University of Arizona came together at a week of band camp in August under the supervision of Alli Howard, its high-energy interim music director.

The band was founded in 1902 as the UA ROTC Band, containing only 12 members — a fraction of its current size of 250-plus. The Pride of Arizona has performed at an array of events over the years, including the inaugural Super Bowl football game and the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter. After each home football game, it treats fans to a mini-concert on the steps of the Administration Building, always ending with a rousing rendition of "Bear Down, Arizona!"

At band camp, Howard put the members through long, hot days of practice that stretched into the night. As a reward for the hard work, the band was treated to a big finale, courtesy of the Tucson Fire Department.