Making the Most of a Museum

March 9, 2015

Museums are not always known as spaces that encourage active, hands-on participation, but the University of Arizona Museum of Art is working to redefine the contemporary museum. 

To commemorate its current exhibitions, including featured works by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí, the UAMA hosted Friday Night Art on March 6. "Beauties: The Photography of Andy Warhol" and "Salvador Dalí: Our Historical Heritage" remain open, along with exhibits featuring works from the museum's permanent collection. 

The event also featured a live DJ, dancers, lectures and an art scavenger hunt. Museum goers also were able to contribute to the production of a shared work, a surrealist method involving a single rotating composition. 

Organizers said the event was intended to introduce museum patrons to the varied works housed at the museum, some of which have been produced by world-renowned artists, and to illustrate that the museum is a vibrant, living organization that presents art and activities for people of varying backgrounds and experiences.