Biosphere 2 in the News

The Washington Post, 12/10/21 Dec. 10, 2021
Native Americans' farming practices may help feed a warming world

This story highlights the work of several University of Arizona programs and researchers focused on "reimagining and remaking agriculture in a warming world" by adapting practices used by indigenous farmers for millennia. Featured faculty include geography professor Greg Barron-Gafford, who leads a team examining the effectiveness of agrivoltaics – growing crops under solar panels – at Biosphere 2; research scientist Benjamin Wilder, director of Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, which plans to open a resilience garden next spring, using passive rainwater harvesting and other centuries-old strategies to grow a variety of edible, arid-adapted plants; and research social scientist Gary Nabhan with the Southwest Center. "We've had 5,000 years of farmers trying out different strategies for dealing with heat, drought and water scarcity. We need to begin to translate that," Nabhan said.