COVID-19 in the News

USA Today Aug. 25, 2021
Experts renew warnings of 'twindemic' as US enters flu season amid rising COVID-19 cases: 'We face the same threat this year'

Last year's influenza season turned out to be the mildest on record, but health experts have renewed warnings that a "twindemic" – in which flu and COVID-19 cases simultaneously rise and overwhelm hospitals – may be possible this year, and they urge Americans to get their flu shot. "Last year, we didn’t have a very big flu season because people were using masks and that decreased the flu season activity," said Dr. Ricardo Correa, endocrinologist and associate professor of medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. "If we do the same thing this year and we wear masks as much as we can, then the flu season will not hit us as hard as years prior."

The Washington Post Aug. 25, 2021
Inconclusive review of virus origins prompts calls for more probes: 'We have to get to the bottom of this'

An array of activists, scientists and politicians said Wednesday that the Biden administration's inconclusive report on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic demonstrates the need for further probes, even if that leads the United States into delicate geopolitical territory. "I'm not surprised that the intelligence community would come up with the similar conclusion that the scientific community has, which is you can't rule out either a natural hypothesis … or this lab leak hypothesis," said Michael Worobey, head of the University of Arizona Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, who said far more evidence favors that the virus jumped from animals to humans.