COVID-19 in the News

The Washington Post April 29, 2021
People seeking coronavirus vaccine appear eager to receive Johnson & Johnson

There is no government data yet on whether health authorities' 10-day halt in administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine soured people on the product, and the company declined to discuss the matter. But in spot checks across the country, people seeking vaccines and officials dispensing them appear eager to resume using the vaccine, which is also easier to store and transport. At the University of Arizona, the vaccination campaign has relied heavily on the Pfizer shots because the school has the substantial special freezer capacity required to store those doses. But President Robert C. Robbins said he expects the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will continue to be a useful tool for many colleges and universities.

Los Angeles Times April 15, 2021
COVID-19 gave us 'skin hunger' and 'touch deprivation.' We’re fighting back with hugs

As more Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19, reunions among loved ones are becoming increasingly frequent and, for many, hugging is the main event. Most humans crave physical touch from friends and family and feel they need it to maintain their close relationships, experts say. Hugs are a way of saying hello, offering support, asking for love, sharing joy and communicating emotions that may not be neatly translated into words. "There's a lot more going on than, 'Let me just put my arms around you for a second or two,'" said Kory Floyd, a University of Arizona professor who studies how affection is communicated in close relationships. "In times like this, that message can be, 'I really missed you.'"