St. Albert the Great Science and Theology Forum Series for Fall 2003

Julieta Gonzalez
Aug. 29, 2003

Since 1991, the St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center at the University of Arizona has hosted the St. Albert the Great Science and Theology Forum, a series of discussions of current issues where science and faith share a common ground. The forum seeks to bring together scientists and persons of faith to find intellectual coherence between their knowledge, research and beliefs.

All presentations of the Forum begin at 7:30 p.m., and are held at the Catholic Newman Center at the UA. The Center is located at 1615 E. Second Street at Cherry Avenue.

Sept. 24: "Verdict on the Shroud of Turin Revisited."
Harry D. Carrozza, UA clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology and past president of the Philadephia Catholic Physicians Guild.

Oct. 8 : "Cancer, Immortality and Faith."
Richard Jennelle, Clinical Radiation Oncology, at the UA.

Oct. 22: "How Does One Justify God in Light of Evil and Suffering?"
Thomas Lindell, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the UA.

Nov. 5: "A Middle Path Toward Resolving the Controversies Surrounding Evolutionary Theory and the Unity of Science and Religion."
Alfred Levinson, retired Professor of Environmental Studies and Economics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, presently working informally with the Neuroscience Program at the UA.

Nov. 19: "Myth, Old Testament Creation Literature and Science."
William R. Stoeger, S. J., Vatican Observatory Research Group, Steward Observatory at the UA.

Dec. 3: "Restoring the Earth: Can We Create New Nature?"
Don Falk, Graduate Research Associate, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the UA.


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