BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship Q&A Session

When: September 14, 2022 1:30pm to 3:30pm

The BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship is an internal funding mechanism and recognition for outstanding postdoctoral researchers at the University of Arizona who are engaging in multidisciplinary research projects aligned with the foci of the BIO5 Institute. These grants are specifically designed to support and enhance the independent research goals of BIO5 postdoctoral researchers, showcase their research at a BIO5 Research Symposium via short talks and/or poster sessions, and to facilitate a "forward-thinking" mindset by requiring each fellow to form a three-member mentoring committee that will help in grant applications, career advice and job talk preparations by providing funds for additional research training or experience pertinent to their current postdoctoral appointments.

Please join the scheduled Q&A session for further information.

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Audience: All
Price: Free


Campus: Virtual

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