Downtown Lecture Series: 'Are Our Brains Wired for Compassion? The Science Behind Caring for Others'

When: October 13, 2021 6:00pm to 7:00pm
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Our brains appear wired to respond to the suffering of others. In fact, our reward circuits fire when we alleviate suffering. In addition, cultivating compassion through training practices like meditation activates brain circuits related to positive emotion, reduces stress, and leads to overall well-being.  In this talk, Jay Lacoste Sanguinetti, associate director of the University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies, will explore the fascinating new science of compassion and how intentional cultivation of this ability may have wide-ranging impacts on our individual and societal health. 

This free, in-person lecture is part of the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' Downtown Lecture Series titled "Compassion: A Tool for Human Understanding and Liberation" (four consecutive Wednesdays in October). Free admission with registration.

Audience: All


Campus: Main Campus


Fox Tucson Theatre 17 W. Congress St.
Tucson , AZ
United States
Arizona US

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