Virtual Film Screening: "In Search of Israeli Cuisine"

When: October 26, 2021 6:30pm
Film poster with chef pouring olive oil on different kinds of dishes

From Point of View Magazine: "'What does Israeli cuisine taste like?' asks Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov. The title of this new doc by Roger Sherman is on point as Solomonov returns to the land of his birth in search of Israeli cuisine. The chef acts as our guide throughout the film and he samples a variety of flavours from different regions in an effort to define a national cuisine. The flavour of Israeli cooking isn’t as easy to pin down as the buttery richness of French food, the tomatoey goodness of Italian cooking, or the fatty gluttonousness of American eats, but its indefinable complexity may be its strength. This foodie doc finds a cultural palette that is varied and multifarious as the land that creates it."

This event is part of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies' Fall 2021 Film Series, and will be screened online through Zoom. Registration is required. Find more information by using the link below!

Audience: All
Audience size: Large (101-500)



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