Virtual Film Screening: 'More (Daha)'

When: April 06, 2021 6:30pm

This virtual film screening, organized by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, is co-sponsored by the Pima County Public Library. To watch the film during the event, you will need to have a PCPL library card and PCPL Kanopy account (or access to the film through your own local library). Pima County residents (or current University of Arizona students) can easily obtain a free PCPL card and Kanopy account. Join us for a short contextual presentation preceding the film and a Q&A session at the end!

From Screen Daily:

"In his directorial debut, Turkish actor Onur Saylak takes a young boy's coming of age and frames it as a searing morality play. Though touching on themes of sexual exploitation and the ongoing refugee crisis, 'More' is fundamentally interested in the timeless question of nature versus nurture. Can a bright and sensitive young man, the film asks, ever stand to flourish when every other influence in his life pushes him to become a brute? ...

Fourteen-year-old Gaza (Hayat Van Eck) lives along the Aegean coast with father Ahad (Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan) and together they run a grotesquely successful trafficking operation, taking in the seemingly endless supply of refugees and abetting their transit to Europe. The older man does so without a hint of altruism, treating his human cargo as merchandise, keeping them locked in a grimy basement and pimping the women out to earn some extra cash or to satisfy his own impulses.  

Gaza - at least at the film's outset – is not wholly a chip off the old block, and he tries to treat the refugees as humanely as possible while studying for the academic qualifying exam he knows will be his ticket to a better life. Though he too longs to flee, the death of a child under his watch and his growing integration into his father’s social circle conspire to keep him in place."

Audience: UA Community


Campus: Virtual


United States

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