GoFundMe – Close the Digital Divide for Indigenous Wildcats

Repeats every day until Fri Nov 06 2020.
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In partnership with the University of Arizona's UA Cares campaign, the Indigenous Wildcats Technology Drive was created to address the digital divide impacting Native American students. Despite the disruptions COVID-19 has caused to nearly every aspect of daily life, Native American Wildcats continue to exemplify resilience and determination in pursuit of a college education. As the University adjusts to a new normal, it is clear that virtual learning will continue to be a central part of the student experience. In a recent survey of UA students assessing the online/remote classroom experience, Native American students responded in the following ways:

  • 30% of Native American undergraduate and 49% of Native American graduate/professional students personally know at least one student at the University without adequate internet or technology.
  • Over 4 in 10 report that limited internet access impedes their own ability to learn online.
  • About 3 in 4 Native American undergraduate and graduate students report physical environment distractions that reduce their ability to participate/perform in remote classes.
  • Native American graduate students report high levels of health-related stress (72%).
  • Over one-third of Native American students felt isolated or lonely all or most of the time in the weeks preceding the survey (37% undergraduate and 35% graduate/professional).

In order to keep Native American Wildcats connected, we must close the digital divide that has only been further exacerbated by COVID-19. In partnership with the UA Cares campaign, we are requesting your generous support of the Indigenous Wildcats Technology Drive. Your support will immediately be directed to Native American students who lack consistent access to reliable technology and internet. You can give a donation now through Nov. 6 by using the GoFundMe linked below.

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