Virtual – Science Cafe Spring 2020 – 'From Invasive Shrubs to Grassland Restoration: The Chop n' Drop Method'

When: April 30, 2020 6:00pm

Presenter: Ariel Leger, Graduate Student, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science

Talk description: In Southwestern Arizona, grasslands provide essential ecosystem services such as clean water, forage for cattle and habitat for wildlife. Unfortunately, the grasslands are under threat. Large areas of Southern Arizona's historic grasslands are caught in a cycle of degradation due to continuous grazing and drought, which in turn encourages the dominance of woody shrubs such as mesquite and creosote. This cycle exposes the topsoil to erosion and amplifies the problem. However, scientific studies have found low-cost methods to reverse the cycle of degradation and restore our native grasslands. Find out more about how science has found solutions at this month's Science Café.

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Audience: All
Audience size: Large (101-500)



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