Wilma Makes Capital One All-America Mascot Team

Roberta Quiroz
Sept. 6, 2012

The UA’s Wilma The Wildcat has been selected as a member of the 11th annual Capital One All-America Mascot Team. 

Wilma is making history by being one of two female mascots to join the competition for the first time in the eleven years the challenge has existed.

The mascots will go head-to-head throughout the college football season in mascot matchups determined exclusively by fan voting. When the dust settles, Wilma hopes to be the first ever female mascot named the Capital One National Mascot of the Year at the 2013 Capital One Bowl. 

Team members, as nominated by their schools and selected by a panel of judges from Capital One and the mascot community. Members of the 2012 Capital One All-America Mascot Team are:

  • Wilma T. Wildcat of the University of Arizona         
  • Sparty of Michigan State University
  • Cosmo of Brigham Young University
  • Mike the Tiger of Louisiana State University
  • Testudo of the University of Maryland                       
  • Wolfie Jr. of the University of Nevada
  • Cam the Ram of Colorado State                                      
  • YoUDee of the University of Delaware
  • Truman the Tiger of the University of Missouri
  • Bucky Badger of the University of Wisconsin
  • Ms. Wuf of North Carolina State University              
  • The Duck of The University of Oregon
  • Scarlet Knight of Rutgers University                          
  • Cocky of the University of South Carolina
  • Sebastian the Ibis of the University of Miami           
  • Raider Red of Texas Tech University

This year, fans will get a behind-the-scenes look inside the Capital One Mascot Training Camp, a place where mascots become the best of the best. Learning about mascot cohabitation, social media etiquette and everyday manners, mascots attend a series of classes, lectures and challenges to become the best.

The video vignettes will be released at Capital One Bowl and the Capital One Mascot Challenge Facebook page on a weekly basis.

Regular season voting has begun and continues weekly through Nov. 26, 2012. The top eight mascots with the best head-to-head records will then compete in a bracket-style, single-elimination competition to determine the overall winner.

Arizona Athletics is asking you to support Wilma T. Wildcat this season by casting votes for Wilma. Fans can vote via: 

  • Twitter: Create a tweet with the hashtag #CapitalOneWilma (one vote per account  allowed every day)
  • The Capital One Mascto Challenge on Facebook (one vote per account allowed every day)
  • CapitalOneBowl (unlimited voting allowed)

The Capital One National Mascot of the Year will be announced at the Capital One Bowl on Jan. 1, 2013 and will be awarded a $20,000 scholarship to help fund its school’s mascot program. Each of the 2012 Capital One All-America team members will also receive $5,000 for their university mascot program.

Should Wilma win the contest, the monies donated to the program will benefit the Wilbur T. and Wilma T. Mascot Endowment that was started years ago by an alumni Wilbur.  The University of Arizona Mascots participate voluntarily and the Capital One National Mascot program would enhance the existing mascot endowment a great deal and would allow for scholarship support.  

About Wilma The Wildcat:

Was created when costume designers were attempting to make another costume for Wilbur.  They created Wilma instead.

Made her first appearance on March 1, 1986.  She was on a blind date with Wilbur.

Was married to Wilbur on Nov. 21, 1986 before the Arizona-Arizona State football game.

Primary responsibilities include women's volleyball, women's basketball and softball.

Two UA female students portray Wilma.

In, 2006, Wilbur and Wilma renewed their vowed at the ASU to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Roberta Quiroz is the director of community relations, special events and the Jim Click Hall of Champions at the UA.


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