UA Professor Co-Develops Amicus Brief for the U.S. Supreme Court

Ana Terrazas
Oct. 4, 2012

Jeffrey Milem is one of 21 researchers nationwide who developed an amicus brief summarizing key research on affirmative action in anticipation of the case, Fisher v. University of Texas, scheduled to go before the U.S. Supreme Court in October.

The document was submitted by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles to the Supreme Court as it prepares to hear this key case that could shape the future of integration in America’s colleges.

"This brief and the others I worked on plus the many others filed provide powerful examples of how solid, empirical research can be used to inform critically important social and political issues in our society," said Milem, a professor of educational policy studies and practice within the UA's College of Education.

Milem's research was cited in three additional briefs presented to the U.S. Supreme Court about the case.

"Regrettably, too often, decisions regarding these issues are driven by myths, misinformation and unfounded vitriol. Literally dozens of amicus briefs filed in the case, citing solid empirical evidence, support the University of Texas’ argument (previously upheld in Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s majority in opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger) that diversity is a compelling educational and societal interest and warrants the use of race as one of many factors in college admissions."

Read read the full article, visit the UA's College of Education.


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